About Asylum Latex

Asylum Latex is the brain child of international fetish model, Stitch Asylum. As a pretty hardcore latex fetishist, it felt natural to create a brand around her most favorite thing in the world: Latex Clothing.
 Asylum Latex has an incredibly wide selection of latex clothing. We try to produce extremely high quality pieces that everyone can enjoy. From fun things in the bedroom to extravagant things to wear to events, Asylum Latex has you covered. 

Stitch Asylum has been a part of the latex community for many many years and often wears her own designs to events. She is a perfectionist and each of her pieces, both for herself and Asylum Latex customers are held to a very high standard. 

Asylum Latex first debuted to the public in August 2017, at the fashion show during the Clockwork Fetish Carnival, put on by Aftermath. Seven models walked the stage, featuring some of our earliest designs. The website was launched shortly afterwards. Since that first fashion show, Asylum Latex has graced the stages of many events around the USA and is working to expand to other countries. 

We are always creating new designs and hope that you enjoy them as much as we do! 

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